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Our Vision

Fundamentally, at Cherry Clever we believe that good business comes from high quality collaborations. By bringing together your knowledge with our experience in marketing and our expertise in data science, we believe we can help you start a cascade of improvements within your marketing programme:


● better understand your customers and prospects

● clearer communication with customers

● grow levels of customer engagement

● improve return on investment

● increased competitive advantage.


We're a friendly bunch, so if you're interested in finding out how to harness the power of your own data and enhance your marketing, let's sit down over a coffee and see where we could help.



Marketing | communicating

A well crafted marketing message really is a piece of art. As consumers are bombarded with marketing messages throughout their day it is imperative that your marketing stands head and shoulders above the rest. Only by creating strong, relevant and timely messages can you hope to stand tall and engage with customers and prospects alike.

Analytics | understanding

Getting under the skin of your data is essential, not only to know what is working, but also why. By analysing both customer data and your marketing activity we can ensure you are able to manage your marketing spend optimally.


Data Science | predicting

Taking analytics to the next level, Data Science allows us to meld both internal and external data sources to get the very best predictive power. If you can predict not only which products or communications customers want, but  also when they're most likely to want them, then you'll outperform your competitors and increase customer engagement.

Creating a virtuous cycle between these three elements ensures constant evolution of your marketing programme.

Our Work |  Why we are different

These foundations of marketing hang proudly on our office walls.


Whilst for some they may trigger memories of sitting in a classroom, the art of marketing is built around these very foundations.


Whether you're in retail, financial services, travel & tourism, a big e-commerce player or even a seller of artisan, hand-crafted sandwiches you need to get these things right.


When you get these elements just right and you hit that sweet spot, you'll have landed your target market and will be in customer heaven.

Many companies collect some customer data in one way or another. Whether it's full sales history or simply their contact details, there are usually components in there that can transform your business. By simply understanding customers better, you can make better decisions.


The key to extracting maximum value from data comes from creative evaluation.


At Cherry Clever we have decades of experience taking seemingly uninteresting data and converting it into game-changing marketing solutions.

If only Sir Isaac Newton lived in our world of Big Data. Where countless emotions, behaviours, actions and thoughts are posted online, for all to see (and analyse) every day.


By embracing Data Science we can take a look into this world and start to unravel the apparent "madness of people". By knowing how to mine this data we can see likes & loves, friendships & family and even get a glimpse of what people had for their dinner.


With that kind of information, starting a meaningful conversation should be a whole lot easier.

By using the science of analytics we can enhance the art of marketing

Services  |  Here's what we do best

Marketing Comms

Marketing Strategy

Data Audit

You shouldn't just talk to your customers, you should start conversations with them. Whether it is by e-mail, social networks, SMS, offline or online. We're here to make sure you get your message across loud and clear.

Starting conversations with customers is all well and good , but without a long term plan you'll struggle to grow. Let us help by working out the whos, wheres and hows of your marketing strategy.

Two words that don't exactly shout "excitement!". However, by getting up close and personal with your data we'll know what kind of insight potential you're sitting on. Who knows, there may be gold in them there databases.



Data Science

Test and learn cycles are essential if you are to evolve your marketing. We can ensure your testing strategy is robust, repeatable and reliable. Giving you the tools to learn quickly and out-pace your competitors.

In modern marketing, numbers make the world go round. Whether you’re analysing website visits, sales, product usage or response rates these nuggets of data can open up insight to help improve your business immeasurably.

Quite simply, the power to predict, enhance and extrapolate data is "the new black". Using leading edge techniques we can merge internal and external data sources to analyse and predict both customer and prospect behaviour.


How we like to do it

If you're interested in any of the services we offer, we'd love the chance to meet up and have a chat. Think of it as a first date. No commitments, no ties and great way to get to know each other. If there's a chance we end up working closely together then it's important that we like each other.


If you're lucky we may even treat you to a cake.

We put actionable intelligence at the centre of everything we do

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